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Slushy But Still Here...

Pardon my punchy update. I'm battling a head cold. Last week's post was followed by the hospitalization of my grandfather and a quick trip to see him in Richmond. He's recovering from pneumonia and will spend the next two weeks under twenty-four hour care. That said, he should get to come home when he recovers.

I did manage to get some work done between hospital runs and the box of Kleenex in front of me. I've been reading submissions for Dark Faith in the morning and revising the final draft of Severed Dreams in the afternoon.

The anthology received 120 submissions in June, and I've managed to read 80 of them.  I rejected about half outright and shortlisted a handful.  The rest are still under consideration. For those of you looking to submit, I'd strongly suggest you revisit the following:

"The guiding principle of the anthology will be the themes of Mo*Con. The annual writing conference revolves around discussions of social issues, spirituality, and writing. Panels have included discussions on art, gender, faith, love, race, religion, sex, writing, and the business of writing." 

I've had to reject quite a few well-written stories because they either have nothing to do with the anthology's themes, or they are tangential at best.
On the novel front, I squeezed in enough time to finalize three more chapters on Severed Dreams.  That's about half of what I wanted to get done, but it's better than nothing.  I closed out chapter 20 (The Valley of Mist) yesterday.  So, I'm working on the last half of the book now.  Hopefully, this next week will be more productive.
Jerry Gordon 2007

A Different Kind of Writing...

I've been asked to write a lot of different things, but last week was the first time I was asked to write an obituary.  My wife's grandmother passed away, and we spent last week at her family's home.  The bulk of an obituary is perfunctory information, but within each one is a paragraph that summarizes a person's life.  One paragraph.  A few essential details.

I've known Jill's grandmother for years, so it wasn't hard to find the things that belonged in that paragraph.  I just couldn't help but wonder what our scattered lives would be like if we stopped to focus on the things that mattered enough to be included in that paragraph...

Jerry Gordon 2007

Call for Submissions - Dark Faith Anthology...

Dark Faith will be published by
Apex Books in conjunction with Mo*Con V (Summer 2010).  Half the anthology has been filled with solicited pieces.  The other half, that's where you come in.  This is an open call for smart, literate stories that stretch boundaries and blur lines. We're looking for provocative fiction that makes you think, that comments on the human condition and the social order (while still entertaining).

The guiding principle of the anthology will be the themes of
Mo*Con. The annual writers conference revolves around discussions of social issues, spirituality, and writing.  Panels have included discussions on art, gender, faith, love, race, religion, sex, writing, and the business of writing.  While the conference leans horror, this anthology will be open to all genre fiction.

The anthology pays 5 cents per word up to 5,000 words. Deadline is November 1, 2009.  Please include a cover letter with your submission.  No reprints. Payment on acceptance.  Submissions should be emailed as an RTF file to Maurice Broaddus at 

Duotrope listing for Dark Faith
Original Announcement

Jerry Gordon 2007

Dark Faith...

Half my office is still in boxes, but I've managed to sort out my Internet connection problems and mend my wireless pirate ways.  If you've been waiting on a reply from me and still don't have it, drop me a reminder.  As of now, I should be caught up on emails.

More from the good news department:  I've accepted an offer to edit a pro-rate anthology with Maurice Broaddus for Apex Books.  Dark Faith will be released in the summer of 2010.  As assistant editor, I'll primarily handle unsolicited manuscripts.  Submission guidelines will be posted shortly. 

Stay tuned.


Jerry Gordon 2007

Back From The Dead...

The Internet still isn't sorted, but I've managed to pirate enough wireless to start catching up on urgent emails and news.  Between the move, my wife's 30th birthday, and hosting duties related to Mo*Con IV, I haven't had time to post about the release of my story "9th Ward" in Coach's Midnight Diner.  The story, written weeks after Hurricane Katrina nearly destroyed the city, follows a young man struggling to survive a supernatural collision of past and present in a rebuilt neighborhood very different from the one he knew as a child.

This future New Orleans tale can be found alongside fiction by
Kim Paffenroth and Bob Freeman.  The Diner sports a retro 'EC Comics' tribute cover (for those of you old enough to know what I'm talking about) and is available in print and electronic formats.

More cool news coming...
Jerry Gordon 2007

Living Out of a Box...

You know you're busy when you don't even have time to post good news.  Moving day is almost here, and all my co-workers look suspiciously like boxes.  Plenty of cool stuff going on, but announcements will have to wait until I emerge from the darkside of this Internet blackout.  See you soon!

Jerry Gordon 2007

I swear it looked this big...

This week I found the corollary to the easy chapter that grinds you to a halt.  It's the chapter you're sure will be such a pain that you spend days procrastinating and evading it.  Once you get there, it's hard to figure out what all the fuss was about.  The page-one rewrite you were expecting turns out to be more of a patch and polish job.  So it goes with Severed Dreams, Chapter 13 (War as Politics).  I felt certain the deletion of an opening scene would put a heavy narrative burden on this chapter, but the needed exposition fit nicely into the existing puzzle.  It still took two days of work, but that was much better than expected.

My return to the book coincided with news that the house loan cleared underwriting.  We close later in April and will move sometime in May.  I don't know if I have enough time to get the rewrite finished before we move, but I'm going to try.

Before tackling this deceptively easy chapter, I polished off a short story rewrite (Ghost in the Machine) and should have a few comments back on that one soon.

Jerry Gordon 2007

Moon River...

Yes, the mortgage underwriters are still happily torturing me with paperwork requests. I've managed to rework another short story about government sponsored mind control (Ghost in the Machine) but that's about it. I'll polish another submission up today and get it out the door. After that, I'm hoping to get back to the novel... assuming the banks stop treating me like Mr. Babar:

Jerry Gordon 2007

Nibbling Around the Edges...

We accepted a counter-offer on the house, came to an agreement with the mortgage broker, booked hazard insurance, and conducted the prerequisite inspections (water quality and radon tests still pending).  So far...everything looks good.

Between all things house buying, I did manage to get a little work done.  There wasn't really time to dig into the novel, but there was time to polish off a couple shorts in need of a quick rewrite.  "We Interrupt This Broadcast" got shipped to F&SF and "Communicating with the Dead" headed out for Shock Totem.  I do have a few more shorts in need of polishing, but I hope to get back to SD soon.