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Slushy But Still Here...

Pardon my punchy update. I'm battling a head cold. Last week's post was followed by the hospitalization of my grandfather and a quick trip to see him in Richmond. He's recovering from pneumonia and will spend the next two weeks under twenty-four hour care. That said, he should get to come home when he recovers.

I did manage to get some work done between hospital runs and the box of Kleenex in front of me. I've been reading submissions for Dark Faith in the morning and revising the final draft of Severed Dreams in the afternoon.

The anthology received 120 submissions in June, and I've managed to read 80 of them.  I rejected about half outright and shortlisted a handful.  The rest are still under consideration. For those of you looking to submit, I'd strongly suggest you revisit the following:

"The guiding principle of the anthology will be the themes of Mo*Con. The annual writing conference revolves around discussions of social issues, spirituality, and writing. Panels have included discussions on art, gender, faith, love, race, religion, sex, writing, and the business of writing." 

I've had to reject quite a few well-written stories because they either have nothing to do with the anthology's themes, or they are tangential at best.
On the novel front, I squeezed in enough time to finalize three more chapters on Severed Dreams.  That's about half of what I wanted to get done, but it's better than nothing.  I closed out chapter 20 (The Valley of Mist) yesterday.  So, I'm working on the last half of the book now.  Hopefully, this next week will be more productive.
Tags: dark faith, severed dreams, slush pile

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